myBoxTone Insight

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Your BlackBerry smartphone is your lifeline to the world.

And now you can monitor its vital signs and track the health of your own BlackBerry...from your BlackBerry!

myBoxTone Insight tracks your smartphone's most important performance metrics 24x7:
  • Signal strength
  • Battery remaining
  • Memory free
  • Data sent/received
  • Calls made/duration
Like a cardiac monitor quietly running in the background, myBoxTone Insight collects and graphs these vital signs over time so that with one click you can quickly gauge the health of your BlackBerry, its performance trends, and those factors that may be impacting its health.

If you don't have myBoxTone Insight , you don't know your BlackBerry.

Join the myBoxTone Insight beta program right now!

myBoxTone Insight is now available in limited beta so that we can gather community feedback. Please send any feedback and enhancement ideas to

Note: This beta application is provided free to the BlackBerry community and is provided as is without warranty or support.